Previous page Next page  2 September away to Walsall. They were third in the table after four games. Liverpool top and Bury second. The pen pictures listed the same names as the Southampton one with no mention of Robertson despite his signing a year back. They also printed the Orient players’ autographs. Beer of the programme was Butlers Wolverhampton Bitter. Team in the programme:  George, Charlton, Lewis, Lucas, Bishop, Lea, White, Foster, Dunmore, Graham and McDonald. We replaced them in third after a 1-5 win. 16 September away to Bristol Rovers. After beating Derby 2-0 (Dunmore p, own goal) at home we were second in the table and earlier in the week had beaten Stockport away 0-1 (McDonald) to progress into round two of the FL Cup. But we came a cropper losing 2-1 (Dunmore) to the bottom placed Pirates who had no points from seven games.  Team in the programme:  George, Charlton, Lewis, Lucas, Bishop, Lea, White, Foster, Dunmore, Graham and McDonald. 20 September home to Huddersfield. Cover shows Dunmore scoring the penalty against Derby. The programme shows us in fourth place and the Terriers sixth. Pictures inside of Lucas and Graham, White and h=the “Meet The Player” was Graham. Ray Wilson played at 3 but it did not stop us winning 3-0. Same team in  the programme:  George, Charlton, Lewis, Lucas, Bishop, Lea, White, Foster, Dunmore, Graham and McDonald. 23 September away to Preston North End. They were bottom of the table having won one of their opening seven games. But they managed to beat us 3-2. Same team in  the pro- gramme:  George, Charlton, Lewis, Lucas, Bishop, Lea, White, Foster, Dunmore, Graham and McDonald. In the “Meet the Opposition” section they had Bill Robertson as signing for us on 19 October 1960. History says he made his début on the 24th September that year? 27 September away to Huddersfield. Seven days earlier they had lost 3-0 at Brisbane Road. Southampton’s George O’Brien was the divisions leading goalscorer with 11. Hammonds was the beer for this part of Yorkshire. No change in the team line up and we drew 1-1 (White) with the Terriers equalising three minutes from time. 4 October home to Blackpool in the FL Cup. Pictures of Ronnie Foster (Meet The Player) and Stanley Matthews were inside and mention was made of the trans- ferring of Tommy Johnston to Gillingham. The previous home match to Plymouth was lost 1-2 with Dunmore the scorer in front of the biggest crowd of the season 13,398. It was a Friday evening kick off. 2 October home to Stoke City. Front cover showed Ronnie Foster and Mal Graham in ac- tion against Plymouth and inside one with Dunmore in the same match. Syd Bishop was the subject of “Meet the Players” No change in the programme line up. 21 October home to Rotherham. McDonald and Graham were on the front cover in the Blackpool match. McDonald was the “Meet The Player” sub- ject and inside there were pictures of Foster scoring against Stoke and an offside “goal” by Eddie Lewis. No change in the line up.In the FA Youth Cup we  beat Crittal Athletic 14-2 with goals from Wedge 4, Gregory 3, Lampshire 2, Price 2, Sykes 2 and Fitter 1. 30 October away to Blackpool FL Cup replay. Team in the one sheet 1d programme: George, Charlton, Lewis, Lucas, Bishop, Lea, White, Foster, Dunmore, Graham, Newman. We went out 5-1. 4 November  home to bottom of the table Charlton. Dunmore and Graham were on the front cover whilst in- side was Roger Hunt’s goal for Liverpool against us last week in which we drew three all. Dunmore 2 and Foster were our scorers. No change in the line up. 18 November home to Brighton. Front cover shows Dunmore’s spot kick. Elwood played in the side the previous week at Leeds when Foster got a groin injury. Team in the pro- gramme: George, Charlton, Lewis, Lucas, Bishop, Lea, White, Foster, Dunmore, Graham, McDonald. 2 December home to Norwich. Front cover shows Frank George in action against Scunthorpe whilst inside we “met” Joe Elwood, a team photo and Terry McDonald in action against Brighton. Forester in “Oriental Chatter” remarked that seven points from their last four matches (winning 2-1 at home to Charlton, 0-0 away to Leeds, 4-1 at home to Brighton and 2- 0 away at Scunthorpe) branded Orient as a side bent on promotion. Mal Lucas had been called up to the Wales U23 International against Scotland at Wrexham. 9 December away to Bury was postponed. 23 December away to Middlesbrough. Cliff Mitchell writing in their programme commented that we had won 11 games drawn five and lost five. Last Saturday at Newcastle they won 0-2 thanks to goals from White after 32’ and Elwood on 57’. Boro were three from bottom and had ap- proached 22 clubs in the hope of recruitment but failed. Team in the programme: George, Charlton, Lewis< Lucas, Bishop, Lea, White, Foster, Dunmore, Elwood and McDonald. 26 December home to Swansea. Front cover showed Ron Foster in action against Norwich with Bill Robertson the “Meet The Player” profile. A familiar subject was raised by Forester, that of low at- tendances. Public trans- port, or the lack of it was highlighted. The average gate was 11,000 “which was not sufficient to pay their way.” They were losing £300 a week. The reserves were doing well, beating Southend 7-0 with goals from Gibbs 3, Newman, Graham 2, and Mike Hollow at centre-forward. 0-0 after an hour. Dunmore’s was the only goal of the match. Unchanged team from the Middlesbrough game. 30 December away to Swansea. Again an unchanged team. Mitchells & Butlers were advertising “Good Honest Ales”. 27 January 1962 away to Burnley.  Team in the programme: George, Charlton, Lewis, Lucas, Bishop, Lea, White, Foster, Dunmore, Graham and Newman. The beer here was Massey with the advice “ Before or after enjoy one in a Massey house”. 3 February home to Bristol Rovers. Front cover shows Dunmore in action against Walsall. He had scored 20 goals so far with Joe Elwood top scor- ing for the reserves with seven. Meet the Player was Alan Russell. Derek Gibbs had his leg in plaster. Team in  the programme:  George, Charlton, Lewis, Lucas, Bishop, Lea, White, Foster, Dunmore, Graham and McDonald. In the FA Youth Cup after beating Crittalls Athletic 14-2 and Chelmsford 5-3 we went out at West Ham 6-2. 3 March home to Sunderland. Front cover shows Graham in action against Bristol Rovers. “Meet The Player” profile was of Denis Sorrell. Inside was Foster in ac- tion against Burnley. This was to be the home debut of Norman Deeley. Signed in time to play at Plymouth (17 Feb) and Stoke (24 Feb). Before the Stoke match we had lost three matches in a row. At Stoke we were without George (Carbuncle on the back of the neck), Robertson came in, Charlton (knee injury) Wright depu- tised, White (knee injury) Elwood played on the left with Billy Taylor at inside- right. Team in  the programme:  Robertson, Charlton, Lewis, Lucas, Bishop, Lea, White, Taylor, Dunmore, Foster and Deeley. . Their programme mentioned former captain Benny Fenton was now manager of Colchester. Gordon Bolland, signed from Chelsea made the line up. Team in  the pro- gramme:  Robertson, Charlton, Lewis, Lucas, Bishop, Lea, Deeley, Bolland, Dunmore, Graham and McDonald. That was my last programme of our promotion season. Here is how the rest of the sea- son panned out. Stats from ENGLISH NATIONAL FOOTBALL ARCHIVE. Mar 24 Division 2 A Charlton Athletic W 2-1 2nd 31 Division 2 H LEEDS UTD D 0-0 2 Apr 07 Division 2 A Brighton & Hove Al W 1-0 2 14 Division 2 H SCUNTHORPE UTD L 0-1 2 20 Division 2 H LUTON TOWN D 0-0 2 21 Division 2 A Norwich City D 0-0 2 23 Division 2 A Luton Town W 3-1 2 28 Division 2 H BURY W 2-0 2 Everyone knows the story of the last match of the season at home to Bury. If Sunderland beat Swansea in Wales they would be pro- moted. Swansea were three from bottom. If you had a transistor radio then you bought it to Brisbane Road. Sunderland took the lead but if it stayed that way they and not the O's would be promoted. Graham had headed us into the lead in the 14th minute. Swansea got a second half equaliser and the crowd erupted much to the amazement of the players as Bury were on the attack. With four minutes to go Graham got a second and Sunderland were held to a draw. We were up! Cue mayhem as supporters swarmed onto the pitch to carry skipper Stan Charlton shoulder high towards the players tunnel.
1960 something: Can’t find this team ever played together, nearest is 14 Oct 1961 except Graham did not play but White did. Back row L-R: Lucas, Charlton, George, Bishop, Lewis, Lea. Seated: Gibbs, Foster, Dunmore, Graham, McDonald.
Elwood in action against Bristol Rovers. I am indebted to Steve Tongue for this information on Bill:  In the Liverpool programme (24/9/60) caretaker manager Les Gore welcomes new signing Robertson, who played for the reserves at home to Southampton the previous week. (17/9/60). So why did the club say he signed in October? Even the most charitable amongst us will not suggest this was Carey’s team. His contribution was two players, Deeley and Bolland. The rest played under Alec Stock (Bishop, Charlton, Elwood, George, Lea, Lewis, Lucas, White, Wright) or were, like Gibbs, McDonald, Dunmore, Newman, Graham and Robertson bought in by Les Gore. Foster, Clark and Taylor were youth players.  Eddie Lewis was of the opinion that Les Gore could have done the job Carey did. Twenty players were used in the season though the ENFA made it 21 with Jeff Harris but he never signed for another two years. This was the only photo I have ever purchased of the team.  Back Row: Charlton, Lea, Robertson, Bishop, Lewis, Lucas. Front Row: Deeley, Gibbs, Dunmore, Graham, McDonald. Back row L-R: Lucas, Bishop, Robertson, Lea, Lewis. Front row: Deeley, Gibbs Charlton, Dunmore, Graham, McDonald. Norman Deeley. Signed from Wolves in time to play at Plymouth (17 Feb 1962) and played 73 times scoring nine goals. In his career he played 279 league games scoring 75 goals. He left us and returned to the Midlands signing for Worcester City. Gordon Bolland: signed from Chelsea (he made two apps)  made the line up in  the programme 24 March 1962 away to Charlton. He made 63 apps for us scoring 19 goals before his transfer to Norwich in March 1964. His league career: 417 (8) apps 112 goals. Cryil Lee signed from Bradley Rangers July 1957 and played 205 league games without scoring. Joined Ipswich Nov 1964. Career record: 308 (8) apps 2 goals.