Orient on the web - Situations vacant. If you want to research our club then you would have copies of Leyton Orient A Complete Record and, or The Men Who Made Leyton Orient which in terms of records takes you to the summer of 2006.  For records since then you may need the internet but best not start with Leyton Orient Mad.  If you don't have these books then buy them from Waterstones or use the above link.  Amazon only paid 0.1% tax on £4.3bn profit in 2013. We all pay 20%! Tip if you want to search a specific site type Leyton Orient and then the site you want to search, say Newsnow into your browser. So type leyton orient newsnow. Football Site will list our final league position from 1906/06. But for the best information use the Wikipedia site as they go one better listing the tables from 1893/4 though there is no sign of us there.    But the earliest season I can find that lists players, results, tables and appearances is here. The English National Football Archive has the most comprehensive of all the sites including league positions after each match and a list of players used. Lists of line-ups have to be paid for. You need to check some of their information. If you don’t want to pay for that then try this website which has line-ups, scorers and attendances from 1905/06. That means you are missing records for seasons 2006-2010. Help is at hand from Soccerbase as they have lineups and scorers etc for those seasons though not in the easy format of Wikipedia. If someone out there fancies cutting and pasting into a readable format they could send the results to the Ear and we can work on publishing them, Help! Situation vacant.  Need a volunteer.  In the film the Alamo, Laurence Harvey playing Colonel Travis draws a line in the sand for volunteers. Are you one? Other clubs have their the league table, results, scorers, bookings, attendance and referees dating back, in the case of Barnet to 2009- 2010 (Hendon's last in charge) including transfers in and out and I imagine that other clubs have a better listing than ours. See Boro Stat.  For best match coverage on the day use the BBC site. Use the Footlball tab to find pages for managerial ins and outs and transfers but it does not deal in gossip as least not gossip for us. For that try the News Now site where any mention of our team anywhere on the web gets a link. 11v11 has historic stats going back to 1900-01 but sketchy at the least for that season listing only the FA Cups matches against the Hammers for us. Tables go back to 1888 but the first league table four us is for 1905-06 when we finished 20th in division two having been elected to the Football League. We don't have any websites like Only Barnet where the archives extend to results from 1965 but appear to stop at 2013. But this Barnet  site seems to have all their results. Sadly the Barnet Mad site is no longer running and I have been unable to track it down. The nearest we have is A History of Leyton Orient FC 1965-1974 which appeared in the 'Ear and, without permission, Pandamonium. Situation Vacant 2 . Football Web Pages will give you results, scorers, times etc but nothing historic that I can find. Comment only at E10 Mess. Contract dates at Total Orient. If a player has moved abroad then try this site. Here for historic club strips and badges. Worldfootball has the latest results but some of their news can be 18 months old. My Football Facts for your football trivia.  Football-Lineups appears to te a world wide site where our club records go back to 2008-09 but a bit sketchy before that. So there you have it. Fancy an unpaid job to rival the Only Barnet site? Other Orient sites The Club  Supporters Club Facebook  Leyton Orientear  Wikipedia Leyton Orient players  Football Web pages Sky Sports  EPSN  Football Facts Football Lineups  Club Call League Tables  Orient Outlook Podcast  Football Club History Database  Results and Tables for 1950-1951  A list of LEYTON ORIENT transfers: 1946/47 - 2013/14  I,m not sure what this site is about. Please let me know!  Barry Hugman’s Footballers  Leyton Orient - Historical Squads    Might be okay for recent years but only six players listed for 1955/6. Club History  Neil Kaufman’s club site. Heavy duty stats by the minute from Besoccer. Soccerway includes players stats with foreign clubs. Revolvy has 883 Orient player profiles though I have struggled to access the site of late getting a PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR. Other clubs statistics sites: West Ham, Crystal Palace, Arsenal, Millwall, Liverpool, Colchester, Gillingham, Swindon, Leeds, Spurs.     These are an indication of how good a website can be. This one for Chelsea is not so good. Email Keith if you have other research sites